Let FOOD be for your stomach,                            what MUSIC is for your ears !

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My name is Lena, I graduated as dietitian in September 2016 and my major interests are nature, animals, music and healthy, yet tasty, nutrition. My favourite places to spend a lot of time are outdoors and the kitchen - I love to experiment and create new healthy recipies with seasonal ingredients while dancing through the kitchen, with the radio on full blast - as you can guess, the topics on this domaine will most probably circle around the nature-health-wellbeing-universe!


As I am convinced that a healthy nutrition can do without meat, fish, eggs or dairy products, you will find a collection of my favourite recipes along with dietary recommendations for nourishing your body in a balanced way with relish.



Even if you are not eating plant based only, I am pleased to meet you and help with your nutritional queries!

Consultations - soon available!**

However, many people focus on nutrition information and minimalize behavioural and emotional aspects that influence a person's eating a lot. As dietitian, I have had the pleasure to undergo an education which focused on the holistic approach and took into account psychological aspects of eating rather than just passing on in-detail nutritional information to each client.

Basically what you will get when you make an appointment with me, is a detailed interview about your lifestyle and I will not only give you nutritional advice but we will also find out together HOW you can implement them in your everyday life.


Before you visit a session with me, ask yourself what you truly want – a consistent change in your diet or a quick fix?

The first is definitely what I can help you with, as I consider it as the way healthier option of reaching your feel-good state of fitness. If you are motivated to work on your own health and take up responsibility for your food choices, you are very welcome to contact me!

Please click on the green box and fill in the form or contact me via dietitian@lenagnutrition.com

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Kindly note, that I have obtained my degree in Austria and therefor have to undergo the process of accreditation with the counsil for professions complementary to medicine (CPCM) to practise as a dietitian in Malta. This is happening at the moment and i hope to be able to provide you with personalised nutrition counseling very soon!

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