How to treat yourself without sweet treats

Spoil yourself!  You're worth it.

For many of us, eating something sweet (or starchy nibbles like chips, popcorn etc.) is a way to come down and relax, or treat ourselves with something special. Others might do it, because they haven't started healthily into their day, or lack in regularity when it comes to eating.

There is even a biochemical reason behind it - when the human body is exposed to stress, it goes "fight or flight mode" (activates the sympathic nervous system) and craves for sugar, the best and fastest working fuel for nerves. To activate our parasypathic nerves, the ones which work in quiet times, our body needs signals like rituals, ceremonies, time for ourselves, the things we like to do, or simply a smile coming our way.


In this blog post, you can find some of my tips for coming down & occupying your thoughts so they slightly drift away from the everyday routine. I hope, they give you a rewarding feeling without any extra calories!

Hotel feeling @ home

The feeling when you let yourself fall onto freshly encased bedsheets, no describtion needed. Cozy warm and fragrant fabric surrounding you, let alone the organized, puffy pillows and quilts turn your sleeping room into a completely different scene. For extra cozyness arrange some candles (in safety distance) or light a fragrance dispensing lamp.


When your sheets don't need a washing yet, just hang them out of the window or somewhere to let them get some fresh air, air your sleeping room and arrange the bed linen nicely is another option.

Find your relaxation "ceremony"

This can be a scented candle, a face massage with essential oils, reading a magazine, looking through a catalogue (maybe even making up a collage of snips from these), bringing your eyebrows in shape, colouring your nails, trying a new make up or outfit on, playing an instrument or any little action that can be done without too much effort but still needs full attention and makes your thoughts drift away.

When you are in a health shop or any market the next time, go to the tea aisle and take a look at the wide range of organic teas with mouth watering names and wonderful packaging there are! Brewing a cup of high qualtiy tea or coffee can be a relaxing ritual when you come home and help you ground. Without sugar or milk, these drinks bring a whole lot of health benefits and zero calories ;) 

Wellness - make a spa day (@ home)

Home spa time is you-time! You can lock the bathroom door, turn on some of your favourite music and take a warm shower with a peeling made from natural ingredients like the rmainings of your ground coffee, salt or sugar. You can relax in a cozy bath tub, if you are the lucky owner of a gazer which warms enough water at once, with some nice hand made and cruelty free soaps, melts or other oil mixes with your preferred smell.

Pet fluffy animals

What is more meditative than striking over the fur of a dog, cat, rabbit, donkey, horse or another animal?

Your new furry friends will benefit from some attention too while you totally forget about your sweet tooth because your lucky hormones go up!


If you go for a walk with them or help cleaning their beddings too, you do some exercise and occupy your thoughts instead of going for the cookie box..


They make happy, no matter if you spoil yourself or somebody gifts you with they. Nice flower pots can turn your windowsills into a little garden. Herbs, decorative flowers, succulents or cacti (for the ones who tend to forget watering) - there is something for everybody.

Take a walk along the coastline

Nowhere more easy than in Malta, you can take a walk along the coast and enjoy some stunning views which will take your breath, or your cravings, away for some time. Fresh air and the sea breeze will sooth your soul and the endless-seeming waterway to the horizon will remind you of how small we all are in the wide wild world.

Spend time with friends and family

Whether in person, via skype or a call - this quality time can fill you with enough happy hormones to forget about your sweet cravings.

What can take over your brain better than gossiping, discussing new ideas or exchanging secrets with your loved ones? Not much I hope. It is psych-hygiene, everyone of us needs regularly so that we can talk our souls free and get some input from another point of view.


Take time for your meetings, even if they are not business;)

These are only a view recommendations, maybe you have much better or easier tips, to calm down and relax or reward yourself - let me know in the comments below! :)

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