Plant Based Healthy Diet

Your body can get everything it needs when you nourish it in responsible ways with good food of high quality!

Choose dishes you like and try to add some wholegrain, pulses, veg or fruit where possible and make your diet healthy through little alterations at a time. Your taste for simple meals with little sugar, fat and salt might first have to adapt so try to change little by little before rushing things, I want you to enjoy your healthy food!


Of course I have provided some inspiration for plant based cooking - click through ; )


If you don´t have every single ingredient at home or cannot find it in the shop you´re in, don´t bother. I rarely ever stick to recipes when I am in the kitchen, so just get creative and improvise. Some plant milk and starch to emulsify your sauces can do well instead of cuisine cream, only the rich and heavy feeling in your mouth might not be the same, but still you have something healthy and tasty.

In my opinion, you can see recipes more as proposals and inspiration than strict instructions how to cook.


There is no need to rush things.


Imagine you are on a journey, a hike! You want to reach the top of this very high mountain, your new healthy diet which gives you energy, helps to ease your digestion and lets you feel healthy, strong and fresh.


You can choose which way you would like to take for reaching this destination - On one side there is the direct way, steep and hard but shorter than the one on the other side, with long sweeping serpentines which lead through several valleys, and also pass nice plateaus to stop and relax. Both of these ways lead to the same place, but keep in mind how you will be feeling when you reach it.


You can enjoy the view to the fullest when you arrive relaxed, without shortness of breath and exhaustion, if you take your time and listen to your body. Both ways will lead to the top, which way to take is a matter of taste. You can choose.