Coconut-Currant Mueslibars with almonds & hempseed

You want to provide yourself & your loved ones with a healthy, filling and delicious sweet snack?

These mueslibars will definately do that job!


With crunchy hempseeds, sweet and sour currants and the mouthwatering coconut, they are a perfect match for those looking for a homemade alternative to packaged bars. They are easy to make, whipped up quite quickly (I did them in under 20 minutes) and can be prepared in advance for the rest of the week.


Packed with fibre, minerals like iron and magnesium, healthy unsaturated fatty acids and free of any added animal products, pure sugar or fat, they win the race against most storebought snacks, even of the health section. What is more, these mueslibars will help your blood sugar stay on a constant level far better than sugary nibbles, so you can forget those afternoon lows!


You can experiment or improvise a bit with the ingredients: Chocolate (especially white one with this recipe), dried figs, crushed coffee beans, cocoa powder, carob, raisins, nuts or anything you like to try might make up a great new version of this treat! Let me know of any extraordinary taste experiences you create, I'm eager to try!

I hope you have fun trying - Stay nourished!